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Cars with the Best Gas Mileage


The Toyota Prius Prime is all new for 2017. It’s a new addition to Toyota’s lineup. A plug-in hybrid that gets incredible fuel economy and provides plenty of standard comfort and safety features. It is the first plug-in hybrid to join the brand’s expanded Prius family. The Prius Prime is more expensive than comparably-equipped compact cars and hybrids, but its all-electric range (before the gas engine kicks in) might enable some buyers to avoid fueling up completely.

Is the Toyota Prius Prime a Good Car?

Yes, the Prius Prime is a good car. It won’t blow you away with its performance (few hybrid vehicles outside of the luxury class will), but it’s a reliable cruiser, and it is a bit more engaging than the stereotypical stodgy hybrid. Being a plug-in hybrid, the Prius Prime can run on electric or gasoline power. The all-electric range is only 25 miles, but the combined fuel efficiency is out of this world. And unlike some other hybrids, the transition from electric to gas power is smooth and quiet. The Prius Prime only seats four, but all four occupants will be comfortable, and there are plenty of standard and available tech features, giving the Prime a high-tech feel. Those features include plenty of driver assistance options to help you stay safe, so hopefully you’ll never learn first-hand why the Prius Prime receives excellent crash test ratings


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