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World’s Fastest Train to be Ready by 2020

  • China’s CRRC Corp announced ambitious plans for a railway revolution in 2016
  • Engineers now say the record-breaking vehicles will be in use within three years 
  • New trains would consume 10 per cent less energy than current models 

It already has the world’s largest high-speed rail network.

So it’s perhaps unsurprising that China’s ambitious plans to create the fastest-ever bullet train are officially on track for its 2020 deadline.

According to a report on China Daily, development of new domestic and cross-border trains, boasting top speeds of 250mph and 373mph respectively, are on schedule.

Quick-thinking: The newly developed trains will reach a maximum speed of 373MPH

They use game-changing technology, developed by China’s CRRC Corp at its Zhuzhou Institute in Hunan province, and their introduction is already being touted as revolutionary for tourism and business alike.

Specifically, it would mean the journey time between Beijing and Shanghai, two biggest cities in China, would be just two hours on the domestic train.

Meanwhile a second, Euroasia-focused, line will connect the economies of around 60 countries.


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