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First flight of the Airbus A319 – 25th Aug, 1995


Airbus A319 is a modification of an airliner A320 with a reduced number of passenger seats. Therefore, the length is shorter A319 A320 almost four meters. This is the main difference between these two models of the company «Airbus SAS».

Officially Airbus A319 development program launched in May 1992 years. Although research on the development of this model were already 1990 year. The first flight took place on 319-25 th August 1995 years. In March 1996, the ship received certification. The first customer was the Swiss aircraft carrier “Swissair.

A319 equipped with two turbofan engines located under the wing of the carrier, CFM International CFM56-5A4 each with a capacity of 104,5 kN. Models with this engine are designated A319-110. Or two engines International Aero Engines IAE V2500-A5, each of 104,5 kN. Modification of this engine is designated A319-130. About 20 percent of the aircraft structure made of composite materials. As the composite is mainly used carbon fiber-reinforced plastic.

Airbus A319 Salon

aerobus a 319 45

Airbus A319 has applied in avionics A320. This aircraft is also used wire control system (FBWCS). In the cockpit to display flight information board and set MFDs company «Thomson-CSF».

The aircraft, like the A320-200, is designed for short and medium-sized airlines and has practically the same fuel capacity. They also have the same number of passenger doors – four. The basic model A319-100 is designed to carry 124 passengers. There are also models with a capacity of up to 156 passengers. The flight range of A319-100 is 6845 km, which is a great indicator in its class. In addition to the basic model A319-100, modifications of corporate aircraft are available – Airbus A319CJ and Airbus A319ACJ. Also, the developers are releasing the Airbus A319LR model, which has additional fuel tanks. The flight range of A319LR is up to 8350 km. And the range of the business liner A319 Airbus Corporate Jet, due to increased fuel tanks, allows you to fly a distance of 12 thousand kilometers. This version is capable of carrying up to 39 passengers


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