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New Innovations in Home Cooling Systems (A.Cs)


Keep up to date with the latest in AC technology, innovations brands are exploring in 2017


Today, air conditioners are more efficient than they’ve ever been before. Variable speed settings allow an air conditioner to work at a lower speed while keeping more precise temperatures. And in general, the technology used in manufacturing allows properly-sized air conditioners to cool a home faster while using less energy. The higher the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), the more you save! Look for a SEER rating of 15 or higher for the most efficient systems.


A UV light system is a system that can keep your air a whole lot healthier. Some of the biggest threats to your air quality are viruses, bacteria, and other germs, tiny microorganisms that can make you sick when they are airborne. A UV light system can be installed within the ductwork to kill and sterilize these airborne contaminants so they no longer affect your air quality!


A smart thermostat, or Wi-Fi thermostat, can help you cool your home in a smarter way. You can set a schedule for home cooling that helps to reduce monthly costs, and it can even automatically learn and adjust to your daily habits.

Most importantly, a smart thermostat can be operated from almost anywhere! You can use your smart phone to raise the temperature if the kids’ soccer game is running late or to cool the home if you’ll be there early. It’s convenience and efficiency in one!


Many homes are without functional air ducts. In the past, this has meant that homeowners had to use window air units and portable air conditioners for cooling. But today, you can go ductless!

A ductless system has indoor air handlers located high up on walls of different rooms throughout the home. Think of these like the vents of a conventional air conditioner/furnace—except that they also contain a blower, coil, and some other vital components. Each unit connects to an outdoor condenser/compressor unit, and are able to cool and heat the room!


Geothermal air conditioning and heating uses an underground system (and some familiar above-ground components) to provide your home with heating and cooling thanks to the heat energy of the earth. Underground, the temperature remains relatively constant when compared to the temperature of the air outside of your home. That makes it a reliable source of heat energy for both heating and the thermodynamic process of cooling.

To heat your home, the underground system circulates water, which moves to a heat pump to heat the air moving throughout your home. In summer, a heat pump absorbs heat from your home and deposits it into the earth. This is a smart, long-lasting, and highly efficient way to stay warm and cool throughout the year!

Some products launched this year from some brands include

Samsung AR9500M air conditioner

The AR9500M air conditioner has integrated Samsung’s exclusive Wind-Free™ Cooling technology into its design – providing customers with a cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency without the discomfort of direct cold airflow.

The AR9500M provides customers with the ideal condition by maintaining the comfortable room temperature, using Wind-Free™ Cooling to gently disperse cold air through 21,000 micro air holes. A two-step cooling system which first lowers tempertures in “Fast Cooling Mode” and then automatically switches to “Wind-Free™ Cooling Mode” creating “still air” once the desired temperature is reached. This approach can also reduce energy consumption by up to 72 percent compared to Fast Colling mode.

Using Samsung’s new Digital Inverter 8-Pole with POWERboost technology™, the AR9500M’s motor generates fewer torque fluctuations – reducing the overall energy required and shortening the time needed for the compressor to reach its maximum speed (Hertz).

The AR9500M is also Wi-Fi-enabled so it can be controlled from anywhere through Samsung’s Smart Home app. Users can remotely regulate temperature, adjust settings, receive real time updates about performance and daily energy usage, as well as troubleshoot solutions when a repair is needed.

The AR9500M’s unique Triangle Architecture has a wider inlet which allows more air to be drawn in at once, while the optimal width and angle of the outlet, extra v-blades, and large fan – 22 percent larger than previous models – ensure air is cooled and expelled faster, farther and wider, to reach every corner of the room.


LG Inverter V Air Conditioners with Mosquito Away technology

Upgrading the traditional AC to new technological heights, the Mosquito Away technology keeps mosquitoes away thereby giving superior comfort & better protection from mosquito-borne diseases. Designed with one-touch activation, the ultrasonic waves from the air conditioner are beyond human-range and only impact the sensing of mosquitoes. Moreover, it can also be used independent of the Air Conditioning process.

Himalaya Cool Technology

The Himalaya cool technology provides instant cooling to users by delivering cool air at high speed directly to the user area. It effectively blocks the hot air in the ceiling area from entering the user area. The powerful fan speed and two times faster lower speed of the air conditioner disperse cool air faster for instant cooling & maximum user comfort. This technology ensures 28% faster cooling with 26% energy savings.


Monsoon comfort Technology

The Monsoon Comfort technology efficiently controls the room temperature, body temperature, air movement and humidity to provide comfortable cooling & energy savings up to 36.4% during high humidity and monsoon season. Easy to activate by using a single key on the remote control, the technology uses sub-divided temperature control matrix to automatically sense the ambient temperature and optimally adjusts the temperature for maximum comfort.

Hot & Cold

LG Hot & Cold ACs maintain the desired indoor temperature & provide maximum comfort in every season. When you switch on the Heat Mode, the unique 4 Way valve reverses the air conditioning process, resulting in circulation of hot air inside the room. There is no risk of low oxygen & suffocation as it does not use a heating element like conventional heaters.


Cooling with Purification

LG AC comes with Dual Protection and 3M Micro Protection Filter to keep the room environment free from both visible and invisible dust and other microscopic substances. The Dual Protection Filter acts as the first line of defense against bacteria and dust particles up to 3µm in size. Further, the 3M Micro Protection Filter captures dust particles and allergens up to 0.3µm in size to provide clean and hygienic air.


Inverter V technology

The new Inverter V equipped with Variable Tonnage technology automatically adjusts the cooling as per the user requirement by controlling the compressor speed.  Featuring skew fan design, it ensures world’s lowest noise level of 19db. The advanced LG Inverter V technology automatically increases the cooling Capacity to give faster cooling till the desired temperature is reached and thereafter reduces the tonnage while effectively saving up to 66% energy.



Panasonic Inverter ECONAVI air conditioner

  • 2 1/2 Piece (Warm and Cold Series – With Wireless Remote Control)
  • Cooling efficiency: 23,200 Btu / h
  • Heating efficiency: 29,300 Btu / h
  • 1 level energy label
  • High cooling efficiency (COP): 3.27
  • High heating efficiency (COP): 3.31
  • ECONAVI intelligent energy-saving system, built-in infrared body temperature tracking sensor, search for indoor human body position and activity, but also through the sun detector and temperature preconditioning, effectively adjust the air conditioning / heating temperature and air supply direction, saving energy
  • “Frequency conversion” operation, effectively adjust to the comfort temperature and save power
  • nanoe-G air purification system, 99% PM2.5 to remove suspended particles, inhibit viruses, bacteria, mold and a variety of pollutants, and with the filter sterilization function
  • Can operate independently nanoe-G air purification mode
  • Use R410A green snow, protect the environment
  • Fast freezing function
  • Quiet mode
  • Moisture control function
  • Rust-proof blue diamond protective layer radiator
  • 24-hour dual switch to set the timer
  • Volume (H x W x D ): 302 x 1120 x 241 mm

New Products to look out for in the African Market-

Videocon 1.5 Ton Hybrid Solar AC

Videocon has introduced two products—one 1 tonne and one 1.5 tonne ACs under its solar-powered range.  The new ACs from the company will be able to run utilising sunlight as their power source, the new Hybrid Solar AC will allow ‘100 per cent power savings’ in comparison to traditional air conditioners.

Features of the Ac include-

  • Works on both Solar Power and Electricity
  • Upto 100% Savings
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Earn from your Spend
  • 100% Copper Condenser

For more visit videoconworld.com


Noria is a 5,000 BTU window air conditioner that was designed to address all the pain points of current window air conditioners.  From beautiful design to easy installation to remote connectivity and schedule creation, Noria makes living with a window air conditioner a pain-free experience.  The intuitive thermostat knob interface makes interaction simple.  Smart features mean you can control Noria from anywhere.  A low profile design allows you to keep the view from your window, and makes storage a breeze. The fresh air mode brings in outside air on those cool September nights – not even central air can offer that.

Noria comes with a light-weight window frame adapter that is installed first.  The adapter ensures a safe way for any one person to install Noria without the fear of dropping it from the window.

For more visit www.noriahome.com


Cyclojet Carrier Ester +

Recently carrier has launched a split AC with redesigned outdoor unit. This series is called Ester+ with cyclojet technology. It has cylindrical shape outdoor unit that intakes air from cylindrical surface and discharges hot air from fan on top.

Outdoor unit takes quite lesser space compared to conventional outdoor AC units. But this design adds more surface area for air intake and more area for condenser inside.

For more visit carriermideaindia.com


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