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Initiatives Changing Healthcare Delivery- Orbis Flying Eye Hospital


Orbis International is an international non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to saving sight worldwide. Its programs focus on the prevention of blindness and the treatment of blinding eye diseases in developing countries through hands-on training, public health education, advocacy and local partnerships. The Orbis flying eye hospital is a state-of-the-art teaching facility complete with operating room, classroom and recovery room – this amazing aircraft has been an example of the marriage between medicine and aviation since 1982. Since 1982, Orbis capacity-building programs have enhanced the skills of 325,000 eye care personnel and provided medical and optical treatment to more than 23.3 million people in 92 countries.

The Flying Eye Hospital is not only packed with the latest medical equipment, it has some of the very latest training facilities, too. The entire plane is linked up through an advanced audio visual system, meaning those in the classroom can watch surgeries happening in the OR live in 3D – making it as close to the real thing as looking down the microscope yourself.

For more visit www.orbis.org


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