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Top Political Issues to Look Out for in 2018


Alot happened in 2017 on the global scene, nationalist ideologies have grown consistently, when the victories of Marine Le Pen in France and of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands all of a sudden seemed plausible. To top it all, the far right did win elections in Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. 2018 will also be a busy year globally as it’s election year: the USA will renew its House of Representatives and the Senate. There are presidential elections in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Paraguay. In Europe, there will be elections in Italy, Presidential elections in Czech Republic and Cyprus, legislative elections in Hungary, and there will be a new German government soon. Putin will certainly renew its presidential mandate next March. Cambodia, Thailand, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, DRC, Mali, Palestine and Libya also have elections scheduled for 2018.
Here is a run down of political issues to monitor this year in no particular order
– The war threat between North Korea and the US
– China’s Plan of becoming a Super world power
– The Syrian War, with the triangle comprising of Syria, Russia and the rest of the World
– The fight against the war on women is far from being won.
– Brexit faces an uncertain future
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