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The First Airmail Flight by Charles Ulm- 7/2/1934


The first official airmail from Australia to New Zealand left Sydney on the evening of 11 April 1934 and arrived at New Plymouth in New Zealand at noon the next day having taken 16 hours 46 mins. The plane was the Faith in Australia as in the first New Zealand to Australia airmail in February. Once again the crew was Charles Ulm (pilot), G.U. (Scotty) Allan (co-pilot and navigator) and R.T. Boulton (engineer).

A total mail of 39,971 items was flown and the postage was 7d (5d airmail plus 2d normal postage). A purple cachet was applied in Sydney.

As there was no regular internal New Zealand airmail service at this time, the New Zealand Post Office made special arrangements and three planes were waiting to carry the mail to different parts of New Zealand as soon as it arrived in New Plymouth at 11.53 am.


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