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CoolAir, an AC Worth Having


CoolAir, an innovative, high-technology, affordable alternative to conventional air conditioning that cools you off just the same, if not better, than conventional AC units. It was developed by two German engineers who got tired of persevering through punishingly hot summers.

They discovered that conventional air conditioning units are inefficient, inconvenient, and uneconomical for daily use.

Neither were they made for travel.

This is what drove them to engineer this sleek, portable, easy-to-use, yet powerful air conditioning box.

Not only that – it’s a fraction of the size, a fraction of the weight, and a fraction of the time it takes to set up an AC.

CoolAir provide instant, relieving, clean, and refreshing cool air in virtually seconds……in such a portable, easy to maintain, easy to use, yet powerful little box…

It’s just slightly larger than a lunchbox, and its sleek design is geared for maximum portability – it literally fits in all sorts of spaces: office, bedroom, bathroom, garage, outside, etc.

There’s no need for ornamental bells and whistles – CoolAir is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

The controls are elegant in their simplicity, but optimal in their functionality, and work especially well with the unit’s portability.

The air quality from CoolAir’s three-speed fan is incomparable – it’s as cool and clean as air can be, filtered of the impurities in its surroundings!

And it doesn’t even take a mechanic or an HVAC expert to clean it – its filter comes right off for you to wash and reattach afterwards.

It’s as good as air conditioning gets – in a small, stylish, yet functional and powerful package.

There is nothing in the market that comes as close to CoolAir – not even in price. For you to enjoy all the benefits and savings that CoolAir can provide, all you need to pay for is $89.

What makes CoolAir so revolutionary?

People that use CoolAir daily, benefit from its portability, price, health benefits and ease of use!
Cheap to run, Efficient and Portable offers the much needed comfort during the hot months of summer.

How to Use CoolAir

Only 2 steps:
1. Fill the internal tank with water, plug it into either a USB port such as a powerbank, or a wall outlet
2. Turn it on and enjoy the cool air. Heat problems no more


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