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Top Medical Innovations 2018


Medical innovations have pushed the envelope of possibility and increased the well-being of millions.

Medical Supply Distribution by Drones

Interest in drones spiked years ago when the first affordable and commercially successful drones hit the market. Since then, the global community has come together in an effort to solve some of the world’s problems with this new technology.

Agriculture, construction, and cinematography have taken advantage of the opportunities provided by drones. For many people affected by natural disasters, drones helped tremendously. When hurricanes wrecked Puerto Rico, drones were used to survey infrastructure and help restore telecommunication services, allowing people to call for help and receive emergency assistance.

Medical transport has also been revolutionized by drones. The U.S. has been reluctant to allow a drone free-for-all and for good reason. Without strict airspace regulation, drones may do more harm than good. But with proper regulation, drones can help transport medical supplies like blood and medication.

Africa is already seeing a huge benefit from drone-transported medical supplies. Rwanda, a country that has little in the way of roads and no railway system at all, saw great use in medical transport by drone.

The San Francisco-based drone company Zipline transported emergency medical supplies to centers in Rwanda and racked up more than 62,000 flight miles with its drones. The company now has proof of concept and seeks to expand its model to help the neighboring country of Tanzania. The government there has made a partnership with the drone company, transporting medical supplies to remote areas of Tanzania. The move is a major medical innovation for the region and serves as a glimpse of the benefit to come from drones.

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