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Is Bitcoin Still Valid?


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that works peer-to-peer without a need for bank central repository.

It means, we don’t have to pay bank fees for our transactions.

How people mine bitcoins?

Miners are solving math problems to receive bitcoins.

Instead of doing it on their own, they use computers and special software.

They also team up and put all equipment in one place, to mine bitcoins more efficiently, what gives more income from bitcoin mining.

Where to buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are traded on a global market like stocks on Nasdaq.

To start, you will need your Bitcoin trading account.

Register on BitBay exchange to buy your first Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

How to buy bitcoin?

  1. Transfer adequate amount of money, for which you want to buy Bitcoin, from your bank account to your Bitcoin trading account.
  2. Buy Bitcoins on your trading account.

Currently, one Bitcoin is worth: 3,691.98 USD (0.42%)

Source- https://janzac.com/how-to-mine-bitcoin-passively/


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